Sunday, 10 March 2013

New 100wc and Class Blogs

The prompt this week is a selection of words that you have to include in your writing. They can go anywhere and in any order. They are:
… Bath    Mysterious   Orange   Cat    Separated….
Try to highlight them in some way so that your readers can spot them! Do go and visit other schools entries. We all find comments so useful to making our work better.

Our new class blogs can be found via 'blogs' on the hub at:

Children will have passwords this week to be able to manage their own blogs and post their own writing (and other content). Passwords will follow a generic pattern using initials (capitals), 'password' (lower case) and a two-digit number: eg. CBpassword_ _

This will be the same password for blogs and the rest of the Google hub platform (for which there will be more information shortly).

If you wish to post writing or other content before you receive the password number, contact me for it direct:

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